Birthmother Letter

We know that this must kinda weird in a way to be looking for the family to LOVE and care for the baby you are carrying or have had. It is for us a little too...We never thought this is how we would be growing our family originally but know this is the Lord's plan for us...We know due to some heartbreaking experiences we have had that adoption is how some of our children will come to us...(those experiences are shared on our this blog)

We can only begin to imagine how you must feel right now. The anguish, the disappointment, the uneasiness, the hurt, and the selfless love that you must feel for this baby to even consider adoption. It takes a beyond selfless and courageous person to place their child in the arms of another in order to do what they feel or know is best for them. This is a huge decision and one that you want to know is the right one. We are grateful for even your consideration and are hopeful that you can make the right decision for YOU, no matter what that may be.


James and I met in the end of 2004, I was a 26 yr old single mom and James was a 22 yr old return missionary who had just moved to Arizona from Southern California (He served in the Spain Madrid Mission). We actually met the first week he was here.  It didn't take long for us to figure out that we liked each other, we were a perfect fit from the start.  I can't imagine my life without him.  He is "the one."

James and I were married in 2006 in a small intimate wedding in Sedona, AZ overlooking the creek.  It was absolutely beautiful and perfect.  Later we were sealed in 2007 in the Mesa, AZ LDS Temple.  We have lived in Phoenix since we were married.

Family and Home...

We tend to spend alot of our time with my parents since they only live about twenty minutes away. We just love to hang out and most of all laugh. I grew up for the most part in the Phoenix area. I did go to grade school in Connecticut and attend FIDM (where I earned a degree in Fashion Design) in California. Shortly after I moved back to Arizona and have been here since.

Our families are really close and we tend to travel with family around the country or out of it sometimes. We just love to be together. I grew up with a family that was always traveling but back in the day it was by car...lots of stories that gave us (some good, some bad, some that are so funny), but now we prefer to travel by air. The last big trip we went on was with my family to Hawaii in October 2010. It was so much fun! We just love to learn about new places and explore. We can't wait to continue to travel as our family grows. I can't wait to build the memories.

James grew up in Riverside. Almost all of his family still lives in the Southern California area. James' childhood was pretty typical. James' Dad worked from home and his Mother stayed home. James played baseball from the time he was 8 and his parents went to every game! He also grew up on 2 acres of land and had all sorts of fun with his siblings. James and his family always use to vacation by camping on the beach...He really loved it because every time we are near the beach out there he always says we should do that sometime...His Grandparents lived on the land as well. James' Grandparents were such a wonderful example for him growing up.

We both grew up with wonderful families who had a mother and father. This is something that to both of us is SO SO Important for children to have, especially two that truly love each other. I have one sister who is 9 years younger and James has an older brother, and older sister and a younger sister.

Hawaii - Sept 2012
We have been very fortunate that now I am lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home Mom for Abbe. She is a very spunky, funny, inquisitive, artistic, loving 12 yr old who anxiously wants a little sister or brother at home... She loves the thought of a brother or sister coming to us through adoption and can't wait to meet and love them. Abbe is so caring and sweet. She just loves to take care of you if you aren't well or you need help. She will probably be a nurse or veterinarian when she grows up. She gets along so great with kids who are younger...probably because she can help take care of them.

I am so thankful that James is such a wonderful husband that he wants me to be able to be the Mother that Abbe needs and provides well for our family. I so wished that I could have been able to be home with Abbe when she was little...I had to work for Abbe and I to have what we needed then...I am so grateful that I will get to be home with all my children from the start in the future and that James finds that to be a huge priority in our family.

Because of the work schedule James has we are able to be together almost all the time. From September thru April James is able to be home almost all of the time which is virtually unheard of for most but in our family is normal. We have the only 12 year old that thinks it is normal to have 2 stay at home parents during the school

In Abbe's 12 years of life she has been able to travel to more places than most adults!  We love to travel and feel it is important to see what other places are actually be able to go where the history happened!  This is part of a true education. We also feel it is important to work on ourselves personally.  We love to read and seek new skills to help us be better.  Just this past year we even started to bring Abbe to quite a few seminars with us.  We feel it is important to groom her for success and to help her make good strong choices and to help others.

Cabo San Lucas - 2008
WHY Adoption...

We have always wanted to have a large family and spoke about it before we were even married but for some reason it just hasn’t happened that way. When we got married we decided that we wanted to start a family right away...We wanted Abbe to have siblings.  It has been almost 7 years and I have never even been pregnant once. We have gone through alot of fertility testing and they can't find a thing wrong but even when we had fertility assistance we have still had no success. We know that the Lord has had other plans for us...

We have felt prompted to adopt, prompted to do all that we can to find the children that are meant to be in our home...We are ready for a houseful of kiddos.

This type of experience is not entirely new to us or to our families (see our blog for more details Jan/Feb 2013)...I have two cousins who were adopted and have seen the blessing that adoption gives to the children, parents, and the family that love them from the start. James' Grandfather was adopted and we know firsthand the blessings that have come from his placement.

We are ideally wanting an open adoption and we are very open to letters, pictures , blogging and the potential of  building a relationship with you in our adoption.  We know that not all women choosing adoption want an open adoption and we understand that too.  No matter what you choose know that we are open.  We know that this is important with all the feelings that go with this decision to have this.  We want them to always know how much they are loved and how selfless you are and were no matter how open our adoption is.

We are so thankful you would even consider us and hope you find the family you are looking for!

James and Deanna

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