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Deanna and Abbe - Hawaii 2012 Oahu

Deanna describes Herself:

I am 5'8" with blonde straight hair and blue eyes.  I am a very friendly and outgoing person.  I would describe myself as honest, spontaneous, caring, fun, smiley, outgoing, assertive, talkative, sarcastic, funny, confident, makes friends easily, tells it like it is type of person.  I am good with people and can adapt to all sorts of situations due my work experience (retail/banking mgmt).   Some of my strengths include being optimistic and for the most part being able to make the best of most situations/problem solver.  Those around me would say that I am an honest tell like it is kind of person and a friend that is there when you need me.  I try to do my best to understand and help when needed.  If I could change anything about myself, it would be that my confidence is seen as pretentious sometimes and that my extroverted personality sometimes gets the best of me.  I do feel that my greatest strengths are also my greatest weakness'. 

I like to do creative things, decorate, shop, travel, and spend time with my family.  Some of my hobbies include traveling, blogging, socializing, participating in church activities, spending time with family, learning about new places, reading, shopping, going to museums and monuments, cruising, writing, and having fun.  I am interested in anything that is colorful and creative.  I also enjoys romantic comedies, lots of types of music with the exception of rap, I like classical since it reminds me of my grandparents, country and rock, spending time with Abbe, and James and now Audri.

I totally feel that it is important for a mom to be at home if possible for a family.  Since I wasn't able to do this with Abbe when she was little I highly value my role at home with Abbe and Audri now.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to be a stay-at-home mom with Abbe since October of 2007, I have seen the difference it makes for Abbe and now our sweet Audri.  I only wish I could have been able to be at home when Abbe was little.  I understand that many have to work to support their children as I did but I am grateful that I no longer have to.  No one can replace the importance a mother plays in a child's life.  

James and Deanna - ST Louis November 2012

James describes Deanna:

Deanna as a strong independent woman.  She is a wonderful mother, full of compassion and extremely patient.  Deanna wants nothing but the best for her family. She always puts Abbe's and Audri's needs before her own and would do the same for her future children.  She is someone to look up to.  She is very intelligent, funny and beautiful.  I think we are a perfect fit.  We could spend every second of every day together and never get sick of each other.  I love her deeply and I make sure she knows how I feel about her every day.

Deanna's Q&A

Where did you grow up?
For the most part I grew up in Phoenix, AZ but I did go to grade school in Connecticut and college in California.  I love Phoenix though and am a true desert rat...I like the heat...well as long as we have A/C.

Do you have siblings?
Yes, I have one sister who is almost 9 years younger than me.  I have always wished my family was bigger but that just wasn't possible for my mom.  I think this has a lot to do with the reason I have always somewhat wanted a big family.  I have always pictured being old and having like 5 kids coming home at Christmas time...lol

Where did you go to College?
I graduated from FIDM (The Fashion Institute for Designs and Merchandising) with a fashion design degree and went to ASU for a while before that.  I grew up in a family where college was not a negotiation.  It was just to be attended.  I do feel it is important to have an education and be well rounded.  Although, I don't believe that this has to be everyone's route in order to achieve success.

What is your favorite thing to do?
Well, I like to read, travel and shop.  Not necessarily in that order but they do go nicely together.  I am a big book nerd but hated to read when I was younger...maybe it was just because I was always forced to read all the wrong stuff (well the wrong stuff for me)...I am not much of a fiction reader and that is always what we had to read in high school go figure.  I can't go to Barnes and Noble without coming out with a bunch of books.

I absolutely love to travel and have always been up for seeing new places.  I prefer by plane though, since as a kid we always drove EVERYWHERE...lol...I am thankful for those drives though...they made great memories.  My parents moved across the country twice when I was young.  One from AZ to CT and then back to AZ to stay.  I love that my family loves to travel and this is something I really love about James.  He is always up for traveling together and with my family.  We have gone so many places together in just 6 years.  I can't wait for us to go to Spain together.  This is where he served his mission and we both love Europe.

And, shopping...I am a girl and a girl with a Fashion Design degree need I say more....lol

Where are some places you have been?
Well I have been all over the US for the most part except for Alaska...I would like to go on a cruise to Alaska...  I have been to Austria, Germany, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Haiti and Jamaica 

What is you favorite food?
Chicken and Dumplings hands down...my mom's recipe only.  I have a big sweet tooth..love ice cream and dessert is my favorite

Where you in sports as a kid?
Yes, I played basketball, softball and I was on cheer.

Is your entire family close?
My family has always been really close.  It is hard for me to imagine it any other way.  I talk to my Mom at least every other day.  We tend to travel together and see each other all the time.  They only live 20 minutes away.  Even when I lived in Cali for college I saw them at least twice a month.  My extended family lives mostly here.  I think Abbe is a lucky girl she has so many sets of Grandparents.  All of mine are still alive and my parents are only in their early 50's so they will be her for a long time.  Abbe loves to go to Grandma's and James' mom's house...who she calls Grandma Darlene's. 

Do you have any traditions in your Little family already other than the usual ones many do?
I guess we can say that Abbe created this one...we go to the Mesa Easter Pageant every year.  She loves to go so much....she loves to get ready for it, pack the blankets, pack the ice chest and bring a game since we have to camp out on the grass for so long before to get a good seat.  We also do the day after Thanksgiving...this is were we cook turkey dinner again (yes again) since Abbe is sometimes with her Dad and his family for Thanksgiving and she just loves turkey day and we love the food.

Favorite movies?
I like funny romantic comedies....favorites:  PS I Love You, Music with Lyrics, Legally Blonde, When Harry Met Sally, Gone With the Wind, ...I like movies that make you laugh and cry.

Cookies or Ice Cream?
Ice cream for sure...but I always have room for dessert...I could eat it for breakfast...lol

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